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Venezuela offers a great variety in sports that can be played; from sport on land to water sports and air sports.

The Caribbean Sea offers its excellent water qualities for diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, surfing, body boarding, kite surfing, sailing, swimming, fishing, etc. In the mountains one can hike, rappel, climb, paraglide, jump parachute, cycle, etc.

In the South of the country there are possibilities to go down rapids, canoeing and horseback riding.

Venezuela doesn't have an official sport but baseball, basketball and soccer are very popular among sports fans, who follow the main competitions on a daily basis.

A lot of states have their own basketball, baseball and soccer team, causing fans all over the country to have a healthy rivalry among the states. Baseball with its traditional rivals “Leones de Caracas” and “Navegantes del Magallanes”, getting the stadiums completely filled every time they play each other.

Over the last few years soccer has developed strongly in Venezuela and “ La Vinotinto” (Wine Red), nickname of the national soccer team, named after their traditional jerseys) has strengthened their image inside as well as outside the country. This has caused Venezuelans to identify with their national team giving them hope Venezuela might take part of the next World cup.

The most popular sportspeople from Venezuela are:


"Big Cat" Andrés Galárraga, Alex Cabrera, Alfonso "Chico" Carrasquel (RIP), Antonio Armas, Baudilio Diaz (RIP), Bob Abreu, David Concepción, Johan Santana, Kelvin Escobar, Luis Aparicio, Melvin Mora, Miguel Cabrera, Omar Daal, Omar Vizquel, Oswaldo Guillén, Roger Cedeño.


Carl Herrera, Oscar Torres.


Alejandro Cichero, Alejandro Moreno, Andrés Rouga, Gabriel Urdaneta, Giovanni Savarese, Héctor "Turbo" González, Jorge "Zurdo" Rojas, José Luis Ballenilla, José Manuel Rey, Juan Arango, Leonel Vielma, Leopoldo Jiménez, Manuel Sanhouse, Miguel Mea Vitali.


Rafael Vidal (QEPD), Medalla Olímpica, Francisco "Tiburón" Sánchez, Albert Subirats.


Carlos Coste.


Carlos Lavado, Johnny Cecotto.


Milka Duno, Ernesto Viso.


Antonio Gómez, Betulio Gonzáles, Carlos "Morocho" Hernández, Jesús Esparragoza, Ramón Arias, Sonny León.

Tae kwon do

Adriana Carmona.

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