Servicios médicos y salud

General information

EnfermeriaMédicoIn Venezuela there is public and private health care available. Public hospitals depend directly on the Government and offer free medical assistance; however this is usually not of the highest possible quality. Therefore many people with a bit more money to spend go to private clinics. The private clinics are in better conditions than public hospitals but it has to be said that to make use of their services one has to deposit a certain amount of money, pay cash, show your insurance card or pay with a credit card.

To make your stay in our country more relaxed it is advisable to take out travel insurance before departing so you and your loved ones are protected against any kind of accident or disease during your trip. Of course will this also protect you against any loss of luggage or flights. It's worth mentioning that these insurances are usually post paid, meaning in case something happens, you pay the bill first after which your insurance pays the made costs back .

Preventive measures

Protector SolarAgua MineralWith a few measures one can prevent a lot of illnesses in Venezuela:

1.- Make sure you only drink filtered or bottled water. Never drink water directly from the tap.

2.- Protect your skin with a good sunscreen and don't go into the sun too long at a time. Even if you won't go to the beach but just wander around town, use sun protection.

3.- If you're going to visit places in the jungle or the savannah, make sure you take a good insect repellent with you.

4.- If you're planning on walking through the jungle or the savannah, wear something long sleeved and wear long trousers.

5.- Wash all fruits and vegetables with drinking water before eating them.

6.- Avoid eating raw salads.


VacunaInyectadoraCurrently it is not obligated to get any vaccines to visit Venezuela, however, it is recommended that if you're planning to visit the Llanos, the savannah, Canaima, the Delta Orinoco, the Amazons or the border with Brazil to get a vaccine against yellow fever, malaria and dengue. As these diseases exist in some of the jungle regions it is recommendable to follow the before mentioned preventive measures.

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