DiscoRumbaNightlife in Venezuela is as varied as the country itself. If your destination is Caracas, Merida, Valencia or Isla Margarita, you will always find something to do. The big cities like Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo and Merida are hosts to national and international artists and have a great variety of international restaurants, art exposition, theatres, ballet, etc. Latin music can be heard in all the bars, pubs or discotheques of the country as well as in the buses, in the streets or on the beach. Music is a part of daily Venezuelan life.

If you're visiting our country you should try its succulent cocktails based on rum, tequila, whisky or vodka, mixed with fresh tropical fruits.


SambilTiendasVenezuela offers its tourists a great variety of products. Handicraft or nationally and internationally known brand names.

For the lovers of shopping there are some cities such as Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo, Puerto la Cruz and Porlamar with huge malls where one can roam around for hours at a time. Due to its tax free nature Isla Margarita is considered to be the best place of the country to go shopping.

The most common kinds of handicraft are: hammocks, wooden or coconut figures, aboriginal baskets, pearl necklaces, ceramic objects or stone pottery.

Beautiful souvenir from Venezuela could be a hammock, in which you could take a nice siesta once you're back home. You could also take a musical instrument with you like a cuatro or a maraca (typical for Venezuelan music), a stone pottery coffee set, a typical rum, a young Venezuelan wine or an aromatic coffee.

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