Venezuela is located in the northern part of South America . Its precise location is between 0º 38' 53" north latitude the Amazons and 12º 11' 46" in Falcon State and between the meridians 59°45' 00" West longitude in the Delta Amacuro, and 73°25' 00" in the State of Zulia .

Its limits are in the North the Caribbean Sea, in the South Brazil and Colombia, in the East Guayana Esequiba (territory currently claimed by Venezuela ) and the Atlantic Ocean and in the West with Colombia.

Venezuela 's surface is 916.445 square kilometers, which are divided in 23 states, 1 federal district and federal dependencies.

Physically the territory is divided in 9 geographic regions. Grouped according to their natural similarities, they are:

The central mountain range formed by the states of Yaracuy, Carabobo, Aragua, Miranda, Capital District and the North part of the states Anzoátegui, Cojedes and Guárico.

Oriental mountain range, which is build up the complete state of Sucre and the North part of the states Anzoátegui and Monagas.

The Corian System, which include the state of Falcon and in the North the states of Lara and Yaracuy.

Maracaibo Lake, which extends across Zulia State, the North of Tachira and the Northwest of the states of Merida and Trujillo.

The Andes, integrated by the states of Táchira, Mérida, Trujillo and the South of Lara the West of the states of Barinas and Portuguesa.

The Llanos, occupies the central part of the country and is formed by the states of Apure, Barinas, Portuguesa, Cojedes, Guárico, Anzoátegui and Monagas.

The Delta System, which is made up of the Northeast of Monagas State and the complete Delta Amacuro.

South of the Orinoco, including the states of Bolivar, Amazons and the South of the Delta Amacuro.

Insular region, including Nueva Esparta state with its 3 islands: Margarita, Coche and Cubagua, and the federal dependencies located North of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea.

The administrative division of the country is given to the states, each one being divided in municipalities and parishes

States Capitals
Amazonas Puerto Ayacucho
Anzoátegui Barcelona
Apure San Fernando
Aragua Maracay
Barinas Barinas
Bolívar Ciudad Bolívar
Carabobo Valencia
Cojedes San Carlos
Delta Amacuro Tucupita
Distrito Capital Caracas
Falcón Coro
Guárico San Juan de los Morros
Lara Barquisimeto
Mérida Mérida
Miranda Los Teques
Monagas Maturín
Nueva Esparta La Asunción
Portuguesa Guanare
Sucre Cumaná
Táchira San Cristóbal
Trujillo Trujillo
Vargas La Guaira
Yaracuy San Felipe
Zulia Maracaibo

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