Gran Sabana 3 days and 2 nights

Gran Sabana 10/10

The Gran Sabana is a truly unique place, with waterfalls, rainforest, the oldest mountains of the earth, insect-eating plants, orchids and the mysterious flat-top mountains, called for the residents Tepuyes. Come and enjoy an unforgettable tour through this wonderful lost world.

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Day 1
You start in Santa Elena and after 40min you arrive at the Jaspe waterfall. The red shiny stone in the jungle is a great photo opportunity. Afterwards you go to the natural waterslide of Soruape and have lunch with views of the tepuyes.
Next stop will be at the insect-eating plants. There are five species, from a total of 18 families worldwide, living here. You won't find more insect eating plants anywhere else in the world!! Then you continue to an ancient holy Indian place, where the natives used to ask the gods to make their wishes come true. I don't know if your wish will come true but the panoramic views of the six flat-top mountains are just amazing.
Overnight stay is next to the 55m high Kama waterfall. You stay in beds with mosquito-nets run by an Indian family in the national park Canaima.

Day 2
From Kama-Meru you go to the Kauí Meru, two magical waterfalls in the jungle. If you want to jump from the top of the waterfall, eight metres high just do it!!
You have lunch in the Indian village of San Francisco de Yuruani and in the afternoon you can walk behind the waterfall La Cortina, depending on the water level!! This is an unforgettable experience for adrenalin addicts!!
Then you drive back to Santa Elena, where you spend the night, dinner is included.

Day 3
El Pauji. 75 km west from Santa Elena is the famous El Abismo, you climb a mountain for 20 minutes and then continue to a viewpoint over the Venezuelan and Brazilian rainforest. You won’t forget this absolute amazing panorama!!
After another 20 minutes through the jungle, you reach a cave which is full of bats. The entrance of the cave is very tropical, all stones and trees are covered with ferns, orchids or moss!
The whole walk takes about 3hrs 30mins.
After a fabulous lunch you can swim in the emerald waterfall in the woods.
You get back to Santa Elena around 7pm.

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